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Yes, it is September. Yes, above the law! 2020 ranking are currently only being published. You see, in June, when we usually publish rankings, it seemed like the whole world was falling apart, և we asked if it was as secular as a law school classification.

Well, three months later, և world is still divided. Seriously, the West Coast is now literally on fire. But it is possible that there is a greater recognition that (law school) life is finding a way out. In times of economic hardship, people often choose to stay in law school for three years, hoping that when they leave, the economy will recover and jobs will be plentiful. And Early reports on law school admissions detect COVID did not damage application numbers. This means that it is especially important now to report on how well law schools are preparing you to get a job with all the loans you are likely to get.

And this is a good place to remind everyone that the Rule of Law classification chart is based on the premise that law school is as good as the job you can get after graduation. Repaying your loan is real. As such, the ATL Top 50 is the only ranking among other law school rankings that includes the latest ABA performance data for the 2019 class. Remember that the cost of law school is sharp and the job market is tough (և COVID-19 will only make it sharper), so when weighing law school options, you really need to put your hand on the scale in favor of all other future job prospects. on factors.

So, in this year’s rankings. There is great news above. There is a new # 1 law school in the city. Duke Lowe was ranked No. 2 (# 2 last year) and University of Chicago moved to No. 2. That took last year’s champion UVA to third place. There seems to be a slight increase in Duke և Uchikago employment rates, as well as a noticeable decline in Biglav’s UVA account turnover. But the schools that are in the Top 10 remain the same, although the order is a bit mixed.

There are bigger changes in the Further link. A total of five new law schools have entered the rankings. We would like to welcome the following law schools to the party.

  • Baylor
  • University of St. Louis
  • St. John
  • Tennessee:
  • Wake Forest

So which law schools will help you get the most profitable job after graduation? See our full ranking below.

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