Afternoon summaries. Bill Gates Sr. dies at 94; The federal judiciary is seeking $ 500 million for better security


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Senior Bill Gates

Senior Bill Gates was an ABA medalist in 2009.

Lawyer և ABA medalist Bill Gates dies at the age of 94

Lawyer and: ABA medalist in 2009 Senior Bill Gates has died at the age of 94. Gates was a partner at K&L Gates, co-chair of the foundation founded by his son, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. When he was was awarded the ABA Medal“Gates Sr. was hailed as a” lawyer advocate “among his colleagues, a civilian in his native Seattle area, a benevolent friend to vulnerable people around the world. (The: New York Times:,, K&L Gates: in a press release)

The federal judiciary is seeking $ 500 million to upgrade security

The U.S. Judicial Conference is asking Congress for $ 500 million to improve security in federal courthouses and federal judges’ homes. Funds are required for an additional 1,000 US marshalls to upgrade security systems and replace video surveillance systems in court buildings. The survey follows shooting death The son of US District Judge Esther Salas of New York. (Law 360:, US Courts Administrative Office September 9 press release, US Judicial Conference September 4 letter)

The state will appeal the decision to lift the coronavirus restrictions

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said the state will appeal a federal judge’s decision to lift restrictions on COVID-19 distribution. US Judge William Stickman IV of the Western District of the US state of Pennsylvania, appointed by Donald Trump, has stated that the ban on closed gatherings of more than 25 people violates the First Amendment. He added that the orders to stop “non-viable” enterprises, to direct residents to their homes violate the proper procedure, equal protection points. Disconnection and stay at home orders have been canceled. (NPR:, on September 14 decision:)

The decision will support the environmental rights of children

Members of Congress will introduce a resolution next week recognizing children’s environmental rights. The resolution supports: Julian v. United States, litigation submitted on behalf of: 21 children trying to force the federal government to create a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (Our children’s trust in a press release և: Document:)

Judge will not dismiss nurse’s claim for firing on COVID-19 concerns

A Cook County, Illinois judge has refused to fire him litigation by a nurse who said he was fired from the North West Memorial Hospital after warning staff about ineffective face masks. Judge Patricia O’Brien’s decision on September 15 dismissed the lawsuits against some of the defendants, but allowed the lawsuit to be filed against the Northwest Memorial Hospital. The press release states that the decision to prefer a nurse Laurie Mazurkiewicz The nation’s first court case is the COVID-19 revenge case. (Sheahan’s verdict)

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