BigLaw angry lawyer goes viral during #guyonporch riots


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Peter Tracy, senior adviser to Perkins Quay, has gone viral as a #guyonporch for his outspoken condemnation of Trump supporters marching on the US Capitol. Wednesday,

Tracy’s blasphemous outburst from Washington, DC, was captured by the film crew of Norwegian journalist Veronica Westrin, according to Locked in DCthat: Washington Post: և: Above the law,

“Get out of town,” Tracy shouted. “F- – – traitor s – t pieces.”

In: video shows a black man in the car who agrees with Tracy that the protesters destroyed the city. He agreed when he told Tracey that if Black Lives Matter supporters marched to the Capitol, “tanks would roll down Pennsylvania Avenue.”

“It makes me cry,” she said as she wiped away the tears. “We would die if Black Lives Matter supporters tried the same thing,” he said.

Tracy, 60, spoke to Barred in the DC և Washington Post.

“I think the question is, should the focus be on the mismatch between the attitudes of people of color if they were to do the same thing against the baby glove treatment these guys received yesterday,” Tracey told Barred in DC. “I think that tells you everything you need to know about the fundamental problems in this country.”

Tracey told the Washington Post that she only regrets one outburst.

“I could have cursed a little less,” he said.

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