Biglaw’s lawyer becomes a makeshift champion in DC


Against the backdrop of yesterday’s horrific events, there was a viral moment when Norwegian journalist Veronica Westrin captured the frustration and horror of DC residents as they watched their city being desecrated by uninformed white supremacists scattered in the delusion of widespread voter fraud. are in a rage. by a crazy lame duck president.

But it turns out that we have a Biglaw lawyer here.

A white man on his knees shouted at the insurgents besieging the city, and a black woman passing by in her car shared their anger and grief as an unprecedented attack took place in their city. Ne neighbors connecting in price.

BarredinDC did some digging և was able to do that collect an interview With #guyonporch, who turns out to be so? Peter Tracy, Senior Advisor, Perkins Coie. Tracey explained how she appeared in the viral video.

I agreed with the mayor’s instructions that we should not do anything. But I saw this couple pull back with the Trump flag unfurled. I just let them have it. I have done this several times during these last couple rallies, I have allowed my thoughts to be known. But it just so happened that the Norwegian TV crew was outside, filming the whole thing.

Tracey told BarredInDC that he thinks yesterday’s issue should make everyone focus “on the inconsistency of people of color if they did the same thing against the baby glove treatment these guys received yesterday.” But he also referred to the possibility of strategically deploying his own white privilege.

This is exactly what white supremacy is all about. You know what, I had the privilege of sitting there and screaming that shit. I get it

At the same time, this accidentally captured expression of community underscores the importance of DC statehood. Anyone who thinks this place is not their own can move to Maryland, or have no idea what is going on there. For that purpose

That sounds like a good idea.

Interview with the entrance boy [Barred In DC]

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