CNN slanders me for falsely reporting my views on impeachment, says Alan Dersovitz in $ 300 million lawsuit


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Alan Dersawitz is arguing under the US Senate tax during the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in January 2020. Photo: Wikimedia communities,

Lawyer Alan Dersawitz, a former professor at Harvard Law School, has filed a $ 300 million defamation lawsuit against CNN over his coverage of high-profile crimes.

Dersawitz says that CNN, on behalf of President Donald Trump, showed a brief picture of his argument at the impeachment hearing, which misrepresented his views and tarnished his reputation. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Miami on Tuesday.

Court News Service posted: The September 15 trial,

Dersawitz argued that the president should not be impeached simply because he takes steps based on his desire to be re-elected if the president believes that his re-election is in the public interest. But Dersawitz said the president could be impeachment if he committed an illegal act, regardless of his motives.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer ևake Թ Tapper has broadcast the full dispute over Dersovits. But when CNN interviewed people to accept Dersovits’s point of view, it aired a shorter excerpt from his argument, which “exploded into a one-sided, false story,” the lawsuit said.

The shortened video suggested that Dersawitz believed that the president could do anything, including illegal actions, as long as the president thought it was in the public interest, according to the lawsuit.

“The real meaning of it was disgusting on his face – stupidity, this was the meaning. “To falsify Professor Dersawitz as a constitutional scholar, a mad intellectual,” the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit alleges that this was part of Dersawitz’s argument, which was cut short by CNN.

“The only thing that would make quid pro quo illegal if the quo was somehow illegal. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. There are three possible motivations for a politician. One, the public interest motive, the Israeli argument was in the public interest. The second is from his political interests, and the third, which was not mentioned, will be his own financial interest, his net financial interest, simply by putting money in the bank. I just want to focus on the second one for a moment. Every government official I know thinks that his election is in the public interest, հիմնականում, basically, you are right, your election is in the public interest, և if the president does something that he thinks will help him be elected in the public interest, there can be no quid pro quo that leads to impeachment. “

The shortened video released only the last sentence. The lawsuit alleges that the editing was intentionally distorted.

“Dersawitz seems to have made a mistake. “He decided to defend the President of the United States, to defend the US Constitution at a time when CNN ruled that it was inadmissible.” “That’s why CNN set out to punish him, to tarnish his image and reputation. Unfortunately, he succeeded.”

Newsweek:, և: Fox News: had suit coverage. Dersawitz told Fox News that he would donate any prize to charity.

It is from Dersau involved Another defamation lawsuit against a woman who allegedly had sex with Dersawitz while she was a victim of ff efri epstein’s sex sales network. Dersawitz said the allegations were false and aimed at extorting money from wealthy individuals linked to Epstein.

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