Heads of legal activity. How is your board measured?


The Blickstein Group ներկայաց ամենամ հետազոտ ության ամենամ ամենամ ամենամ ամենամ ամենամ ամենամ ամենամ ամենամ lick ամենամ lick ամենամ և և և և և և և և և և և և Participants will again receive ownership results data.

The survey was created in 2008 to give legal departments an insight into what was developing at the time, allowing corporate consultants to compare their legal practice with that of their peers.

Based on the areas of focus in previous years, the 2020 survey will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Challenges of the coronavirus epidemic
  • Compensation և KPI:
  • The effect of the Big 4
  • Artificial intelligence
  • The model of legal services

If you are the head of your organization, we are happy to invite you to participate in this year’s report. If you are not the head of your organization’s legal affairs, feel free to send this email to the appropriate partner.

As mentioned above, participants will have a unique opportunity to see an unparalleled resource of property results, legal action trends. (A publicly available report on the survey results will also be published later in the year.)

All individual responses will be kept strictly confidential, և data will only be used in aggregate form.

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