In 2020, nothing is certain except chaos and customer calculations. There are some good news lately


The 2020 news cycle does not allow, but somewhere bonus wars և a: constitutional crisis, we would be cautious if we did not mention the developments in the legal technology market. At the moment, it may be difficult to move the media needle through legal technology, but consider those big bonuses; remember, they only happen because someone is there; ին forcing the customer to pay in full և on time.

So when ASG LegalTech CEO Sumya Nettimi considered the next acquisition of the growing platform, which already includes PracticePanther, Bill4Time և MerusCase, adding a payment platform seemed like the next logical step. how he told Bob Ambrogie:

In an interview with LawNext, Nettim said that two factors led his company to want to acquire a payment platform. One is that their philosophy is to serve as a one-stop shop so that customers do not have to find different products for different functions and tasks that they have to do to manage their businesses.

The other is that they are trying to hear from their customers about their needs. :

At the moment, it is impossible to overestimate the existential crisis of receiving a salary.

So when Nettimi explored the landscape for a payment platform that would give the ASG LegalTech product family an edge in this area, Headnote jumped out. Probably because it has the advantage of being designed by an actual lawyer who knows what lawyers need. Based on this experience, Headnote CEO Sarah Schaff created a state-of-the-art secure payment technology, which has helped law firms reduce payment processing fees by 35% ստանալ get paid 70% faster than the industry average of 94 days.

Schaaf will continue as CEO of Payments at ASG LegalTech as the company prepares to launch a fully integrated, all-in-one payment solution, a re-introduced, optimized version of PantherPayments. Current Headnote customers can be confident that the product itself will remain affordable, although if you have the option to switch to an integrated solution, it is unclear why you would not jump to it. This is another victory of the “single window” design concept, which allows users to perform all the tasks that are logically necessary without having to jump into programs.

PantherPayments will provide a new offer.

  • Fully comply with IOLTA, ABA առցանց Online Payroll Rules in all 50 states, as well as payment card industry standards.
  • Credit low, clear և transparent pricing: 2.8% for all credit cards և 1% for same day e-check fees, no monthly membership fees or variable interest rates.
  • Fast payments. Customers pay invoices 70% faster than average և more payment options than other processors.
  • Integration with the PracticePanther platform, eliminating the need to deal with multiple systems or vendors և Providing a single source of support questions.
  • Strong security with SHA-256 data encryption, cloud hosting, symbolized payments.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this transaction. And now we bring you all back to the chaos of 2020, knowing full well that you will get paid at least on time.

Exclusive. ASG LegalTech acquires payment platform header; We interview the CEOs of both companies [LawSites]

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