Legal practice is changing at the speed of light


Advocates are an infamous slow group for accepting change, especially when it comes to technology. But sometimes it just takes a bit of an obstacle to finally expose the industry to the future. Due to the epidemic, 2020 will forever be remembered as the year of legalization of the legal industry.

Advocates have personally replaced meetings with video conferencing platforms like Zoom (most have even figured out where the power button is now). Watercooler talk has found a new home in messaging apps like Slack և Microsoft Teams. And well-known lawyers use such platforms GIVE to build a virtual legal practice free of the future, which also allows for remote legal activities.

Although the transition to virtual practice has accelerated due to necessity, both clients and attorneys are beginning to appreciate the benefits of providing remote legal services. After all, who wants to walk into a city center for a 30-minute meeting when you can just jump on the viewfinder with the push of a button? And why would a solo lawyer have to find expensive office space when they already have a perfectly good desk just a few steps from their bedroom? Or why a single mother has to find և pay for childcare only for legal advice?

For many clients և lawyers, virtual practice is simply more meaningful than the classic model of personalized services.

The legal industry, among other professional verticals, is not going to go back to the “old normal” after the end of social distance. The natural course of industry is to evolve, և disruptive events have a sudden impact. Consider World War II, the event most often compared to the epidemic. After the end of the war in 1945, the American economy did not return to its pre-war “normal”. Instead, almost all aspects of the economy changed dramatically, leading to the fundamental expansion of almost all industries.

The legal industry is now at a similar juncture.

Successful lawyers tomorrow will be the ones to recognize this reality today“They will be the advocates who see disruptive change not as a challenge to be overcome, but as an opportunity to demand a bigger grass cover under the new normal conditions.”

But how can small companies and solicitors who do not have the technology բյուջ marketing budget of larger stores hope to compete in this new world of virtual legal practice?

Fortunately, innovative cloud-based platforms like XIRA are invading to level the playing field.

XIRA has created an amazing user-friendly platform that easily guides legal practice. Imagine if your Clio, Lawpay, Calendar, Dropbox, Messages, Zoom և your assistant worked seamlessly together in an integrated package. That is what XIRA built. In addition, it sells you to potential customers, enabling them to book your available time. There is no need for you to buy advertising or implement a marketing program as XIRA helps customers find you. The most interesting thing is that they do not link you to a contract or subscription. When starting a business, you pay for a nominal platform. The small structure of XIRA payments is explained by their CEO Reza ff Afar. “We are not interested in making money fast. “We are here to dramatically expand the industry in the long run, to aim to have 500,000 lawyers on the platform by 2030.”

It works like this. XIRA Marketing Wizards Attract High Quality Customers XIRA search page, Clients enter some key details, such as the internship area և the location where they need help. XIRA then compiles a list of relevant attorney profiles.

The next part is where XIRA really stands out from other platforms.

When clicking on your profile, customers can see your calendar և order a consultation immediately for the time available. They get their booking email. Email Confirmation և Your calendar is automatically updated to reflect the appointment. Just like you do when you meet a new client, all you have to do is create a profile. It helps you to reduce վերջ and ultimately eliminate any staff costs you may have for customer planning. This also raises your customer acquisition rate, as 61% of clients are affiliated with only one attorney; if they can assign an appointment with that attorney, 85% of the time this means engagement. If you do not have this opportunity, you run the risk of slowing down and weakening your chances of becoming a leader customer.

When it comes time to meet your new client, the whole interaction can be managed with XIRA secure audio-video conferencing technology.

Meetings to your meeting room are automatically created և added to your calendar.

XIRA provides you with an integrated case management system as well as a secure document repositoryԴուք You և your client can exchange files while the case management system integrates all the different և documents, ensuring that all the information is at your fingertips. There is no need to pay monthly fees for individual case management, communication tools, calendar, billing or storage software packages.

When it comes to communicating with your customers in real time, XIRA provides a secure messaging system. All of these exchanges are available through the XIRA case management tool.

The platform provides a fully integrated solution, freeing you from paying monthly fees for individual packages, eliminating the burden of technological integration. The process also removes all administrative work from customer acquisition, which means you free up time to focus on what you do best by providing quality legal advice to your new client.

Oh oh,: you will not have to worry about any headaches when it comes և to get paid.

XIRA collects customer payment information during the registration process և provides you with intuitive tools to make invoices to your customer for your time և other expenses.

Outline XIRA is not only an innovative marketing platform, but also a virtual cloud-based law firm. You bring your degree of jurisprudence, your talent և your experience. Let XIRA handle the rest.

XIRA is currently available in California, but plans to expand year-round.

There is no cost to join XIRA, no subscriptionIt only takes 10 minutes create your profile և Approve your filing practice և These may just be the top 10 minutes of your entire legal career.

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