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The council advises dismissing the judge for school disputes

The Judicial Ethics Committee recommended that the judge be fired in the city of New York, New Jersey, based on his behavior after his children’s Catholic school eliminated his girls basketball team. Judge Theresa Mullen was charged with felony criminal mischief in a school lawsuit filed by her husband for allowing one of their daughters to play on the boys’ team. According to Mullen, Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct of the Supreme Court of New Jersey, Mullen came to the warehouse in a T-shirt and refused to answer 95% of the questions. The board also said that Mullen showed sincerity in ethics during the criminal proceedings under the article “insulting lawlessness”, which resulted from refusing to leave the school when he clashed with officials there. (, Associated Press:, February 3 presentation)

The lawyer is suing the former client for punching him

Cleveland attorney Aaron Brockler has sued a former client who punched him in court after being sentenced to 47 years in prison. The client was David Chisleton was found not guilty about the brutal attack after his new lawyer insisted that Brockler’s injuries were not so serious. Broker appeared with hairline fractures ից from knee to knee. The two deputies in charge of the security of the courtroom are also named as defendants in the Broker case. Brockler insists lawmakers should have handcuffed Chislton behind his body. (

City justice resigns ostensibly after car keys

In New York City, Watson, the justice of the city court resigned amid an ethics investigation, for “unlocking” the car of a city official. Justice Gregory Burker was accused of unlocking the car after the city refused his request for health insurance. Burker pleaded guilty to felony criminal mischief on October 29. Burker agreed not to seek another judicial position. (New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct February 4 press releasethat: Legal profession blog)

A former lawyer is sentenced to 15 years in prison for defrauding clients

A dissident California lawyer was sentenced Thursday to 15 years in prison for stealing $ 4 million from clients, partly charging a fee that was never paid. Prosecutors say the lawyer, 38-year-old Shant Ohanyan, perpetuated the program by creating fake documents, making fraudulent calls claiming to be a banker or a government official, and making fake receipts, which are presumably one of the charges. (Department of Justice) February 4 press releasethat: Associated Press:, City news service)

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