Morning node: 09.15.20


* A Florida city has overturned a ruling against skinny pants over allegations that the law was unfair to people of color. [Fox News]

* One of Iowa’s attorneys who transferred the case to another attorney without the client’s consent was suspended from practice. [Bloomberg Law]

* The mayor of Rochester, New York, fired the city police chief and suspended him in connection with the death of Rochester lawyer Daniel Prude. [Hill]

* The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that the Green Party will not run in the upcoming Wisconsin presidential election. [CNN]

* Deans of the Faculty of Law are asked to conduct an open book examination, taking into account the current difficulties faced by candidates for lawyers. [ABA Journal]

* A Nebraska lawyer has been sentenced to up to four years in prison for withholding thousands of dollars from clients. [Lincoln Journal Star]

* Prosecutors in several states are urging Netflix to remove the show co-workers because of the alleged sexualization of children. [ABC News]

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