The Attorney General told the officers that he would hit the deer … in fact, one person died


South Dakota Attorney General Eason Ravnsborg was on his way home from a Republican fundraiser on Saturday when he struck what he said to the Hyde County government was a deer. On Sunday, it turned out that Ravnsborg had He actually hit and killed 55-year-old Bower, who was walking on the side of the road,

Ravnsborg, who has a history of car violations, was at Rooster’s Bar and Grill, where attendees were buying tickets Win a gun engraved with President Trump“It’s a detail that may not be directly related to this tragedy, but it speaks to the brutal frivolity of those people that someone died as a bunch of Jews went to a bar to win a useless handgun.

According to the NY Post.

Ravnsborg “drinks lightly” [spokesman Tim] Bormann said the attorney general’s spokesman said he did not think Ravnsborg was involved in the incident, according to the Rapid City Journal.

Well, definitely.

While the South Dakota Highway Patrol is leading the investigation, officers from North Dakota have joined efforts to deal with the ongoing conflict over the killing of the state’s top law enforcement officer.

Obviously, our thoughts are with the Beaver family.

South Dakota AG was involved in a fatal accident after the GOP incident [NY Post]
Documents. South Dakota Attorney General Ason Ravansborg has a history of speeding [Argus Leader]

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