The process of approving the candidate for the Supreme Court will become decisive


I, like many others, mourn the recent death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The timing of his death could not have been worse, as it exacerbated civil unrest in this country as we live with a viral epidemic that does not care who you elect in November. Frankly, I do not know much about Ginsburg Justice other than its general social standing. I know more about her late husband, Martin Ginsburg, a well-known tax lawyer.

The Republicans have been planning this moment for probably years. All possible scenarios have been addressed, votes have been confirmed, և deals have been made for those on the fence or those re-elected to fight hard. President Donald Trump has said he will announce his candidacy later this week. But the fact that they are moving so fast to replace the vacancy on the court tells me that there is a high probability that the balance of power will change in 2021.

Trump’s candidate will face a tough crowd, it’s not just ordinary criticism from the opposition. Unless he nominates Merrick Garland or a surprise Liberal centrist, the candidate will be attacked, scrutinized, and shamed. We can even see some funny internet memes on their account. Some media outlets բազմաթիվ many of their commentators-journalists will be ruthless.

When liberal justice was replaced by conservative justice, there was surprise և drama. Suddenly a mysterious character will appear who will represent the nominee in a terrible case in the past. The accuser can have objective, unbiased evidence to defend their accusations. Or they may not have any proof, but they know that the nominee will not have it either, which turns into a battle of rhetoric and credibility.

The Republicans and their supporters will consume the accuser on coals. He will be asked. “Why go out now? You have known about the candidates and their leadership status for a long time. Why didn’t you inform us earlier? ” The accuser will answer that. They were scared, they did not think it was a big deal, or they did not think the candidate would reach it by now. Regardless, it is better to be late than never և they consider it their patriotic duty to put the needs of their country (as they see it) above them.

Once this is done, the accuser may have to hide for a while. But chances are they will be fine in the end, have a six-point GoFundMe nest egg for their troubles և be a hero to the liberal crowd.

The final analysis confirms two things. First, it does not matter whether there is evidence or not. Trump’s opponents will automatically believe the accuser without question. This is because they are more interested in intimidation. It is enough to force the nominated candidate to withdraw, to force the Republican senators to change their vote. They are less interested in knowing whether the accuser is telling the truth, exaggerating like a resume, or even lying. And whoever blames the accuser is unfriendly, blocked, annulled culture – will be accused of any “-ism” more conveniently.

Second, this tactic will probably not work when preparing a political theater worthy of popcorn. It did not work with Clarence Thomas or Brett Cavanaugh. Given the Senate make-up’s supposedly fence Mitt Romney և Chuck Grassley statements that support a full vote before the next inauguration, the confirmation is almost certain. It may be a victory for a burning country, but it is still a victory.

So who knows if there will be any surprises in the approval process? Most leading Democratic politicians have said that “all options will be open” to fight for approval, although no one has mentioned any specifics. Some have suggested another impeachment hearing, although it is unclear how this will stop something. Or a private individual can act independently. Or they can wait until 2021, when court packaging will become an option if Democrats gain control.

I understand why Democrats are fighting it so passionately. If liberal justice or rating justice is replaced by conservative justice, the court will turn to թ 5-4 decisions to the right or will be overturned or strengthened. Abortion Rights այլ Other issues that are expensive for Democrats will be under threat. It is obvious that they can not accept it lying down, as it will anger their electorate, especially the growing faction, which accuses the leadership of “weak asses”.

On the other hand, I expect that the candidate will be ready to retaliate, especially if the candidate is a woman. He saw what Thomas և Cavanaugh had gone through, he had to be prepared to face the same level of grilling as both Democrat senators and their supporters. It is safe to say that he will not cry before the court. “

Democratic leaders need to be wary of repercussions. While the approval process will mobilize their electorate, there will also be lone wolf psychologists who are protesting against Trump’s candidacy. If the unrest gets worse enough, it will cut off moderate voters who want to restore order.

So grab your popcorn, people. Trump’s candidate to replace Ginsburg because of the stakes involved will wear a political glove. Not only that, we will probably see that someone is blaming the nominee for something,: we are expected to believe in that person without a doubt. But since this is an election year, how can each party act in the process to decide who will take control of the Senate և White House in 2021?

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