Trump is too busy with former President Sh to testify about his impeachment


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“Dear President Trump” wrote: House Impeachment Manager Amy Ruskin. “As you know, the United States House of Representatives has approved an impeachment motion against you for inciting rebellion.”

Is Trump aware of this? There was social media blissfully silent later, but he succeeded Hire competent lawyers introduce him to next week’s hearing. Then fire them and hire them a whole new set of lawyers who presented that gonzo’s response to the chamber summary. So, yes, let’s say he got the memorandum.

“Two days ago, you filed a response denying the numerous factual allegations made in the impeachment article. “Thus, you have tried to put critical facts under discussion, despite the clear, overwhelming evidence of your constitutional violation,” the Rep. Continued. Raskin. “In light of your challenge to these factual allegations, I am writing to invite you to testify before the Senate impeachment hearing or during the Senate impeachment hearing on January 6, 2021. We will suggest that you submit your testimony (including cross-examination, of course) in 2021. from February 8, no later than the Thursday of February 11, 2021. “

Despite the former president A story under oath“The case is so simple when I think President Trump could have come in and defended himself and knocked it out in about fifteen minutes,” he told Newsmax. before giving in. “No, I do not expect the 45th president to be in Washington next week.”

According to Raskin, the sitting presidents, who had responsibilities beyond entering the full 18 holes, were able to find time to testify in Congress. And although the letter does not contain a threat to impose Trump’s appearance, it states that: “If you refuse this invitation, we reserve any rights, including the right to assert at trial that your refusal to testify confirms your unfavorable conclusion about you. actions (inactivity) on January 6, 2021. “

Because impeachment is a political process, Մ Miranda’s rights are not in Congress. Senators are not members of the Article III Jury who are obliged to consider a case without bias or prejudice. They are the representatives of Article I of the American people; they have the right to take any conclusion they like, like going to the television, swearing their former allegiance to the former president.

But the best defense is a good insult, so Trump’s lawyers Bruce Castor Jr. Շ David Shawn came out shaking sw savagely.

“We accept your latest advertising ploy,” they said indignantly. “As you know, of course, there is no such thing as a negative conclusion in this unconstitutional process.”

How wise it is for Framers to outline rules of procedure that do not even exist.

“Your letter only confirms what is known to everyone. “You can not prove your accusations against the 45th President of the United States, who is now a private citizen,” they said.

Pay attention to Trumpland’s rule that their client should be called “45th President” because “ex” is such an ugly word. Also, why is the signature line center justified? Well, at least they did not go down without explaining themselves first spell the United States right this time.

If the law և facts are against you, hit the table.

Elizabeth Day lives in Baltimore, where he writes about law and politics.

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